Sneakypedia, Upskirt Champ Closed – May 2014

May 25, 2014 in Upskirt & are now closed, and Jay, Andy & TigerVoy have officially retired.

Jay is a pioneer in upskirting, having single-handedly invented the concept of shooting upskirts, then posting them on the internet with a story telling when, why and how… all the way back in 1998. In essence, he was a blogger before the term and concept even existed. Back in the day, his site was hand coded HTML hosted on NetTaxi, who would every once in a while kick him off, forcing him to set up shop all over again. Unfortunately neither he, nor anyone he knew realized that this was the beginning of the era of internet porn, and if he had played his cards right, he could have been rich beyond is wildest expectations.

Instead, he slaved away with Andy, and together the two of them created some of the highest quality upskirt photos ever seen, eventually obtaining his own domain – – and hosting with a company more friendly to this type of photography. Frankly, the guys missed the boat on this one, because they gave away their content for a few years, and when they finally started charging for it, it was so little as to be insulting (to them). Jay maintains that the idea was never to get rich, rather the idea was to recoup the costs of traveling to the best upskirting locations in the world (Paris, Rome & Moscow to name a few), as well as keeping up with the latest camera gear so as to continually produce cutting edge material – both of which do cost a significant amount of money every year.

Unfortunately, after the worldwide economic collapse, the guys found they had a dearth of customers, and a plethora of content pirates. Indeed, their content was so good, and they had always posted it at such high resolutions other sites were easily able to cut the logos off Jay & Andy’s images, downsize them, over-compress them, then sell them as if they were actually shot by the pirates themselves. The end result was that the guys were unable to come up with the necessary funds to go on new shooting trips, and continue operating their server. Or to put it another way, the pirates killed the goose that laid the golden egg… they stole so much that they actually killed off one of their best content sources. Funny how things work out, eh?

So, to all those who supported Jaypicz over the years, a big thank you. And to the pirates & content thieves, a massive fuck you, may you lose all your content sources and be forced to watch & post re-runs for all eternity…

Andy’s Russian Blue Dancer See Thru

February 28, 2012 in Andy Story, Digital, See Thru

Editor’s Note: Early in this century, Andy made a pilgrimage to the Evil Empire as he had heard that women there enjoyed wearing and showing sexy lingerie. As it turns out, he heard right and he came back with some incredible images. More women wearing stockings and lace than anywhere else. His primary goal was upskirts but whale tails and see thru’s were also on his menu. Probably his best see thru series is this one that he calls “Blue Dancer.”

ANDY: This is an amazing series. I found this blonde babe dancing in one of the entrances to the big underground mall in front of the Kremlin in Moscow. Maybe she was high on something, or maybe she was just happy that communism had ended 12 years earlier – we’ll never know, because I know three words in Russian, and she knew zero in English. When I first found her, she’d just started dancing around wildly with a friend. I noticed immediately that her blouse was completely see-through, and that her bra had lacy parts on the cup which might be partially see-through. I figured that alone was worth taking some pictures of. But after taking just a few pics, I noticed that her left areola was starting to peek over the bra cup. Hmmm, that’s ALWAYS good, so I kept shooting. A short while later, her whole nipple popped out… so I kept shooting, of course. Every once in a while, she’d give her bra strap a yank, and the nipple would dip back into the bra cup for a moment… only to emerge again on her very next jump. After a considerable amount of jumping around (and boobie bouncing) she decided to take a break, cool off, and wash her hands in the fountains just outside.

You’ll notice in the row of pictures directly above that when she wasn’t dancing wildly, there wasn’t too much to see. A nice see-through shirt to be sure, and a comfy, beat up old lace bra, but no nipple, and it’s even hard to see where the areola is through the lace of the bra cup. You can see in the picture where she is walking away from me that her bra is broken – there is only one hook holding it together in the back. Perhaps this made it easier for her nipples to escape.

After taking a break in the park at one end of the mall, she headed back for more dancing, and if anything, her second session was wilder than the first. Check out the three pics above. In the first one, I caught her in mid-air, which is why her boobs have a strange shape, and are very high up. This time, both areolas are peeking out of the lacy part of her bra cups. In the middle pic, she’s airborne again, and her nipple is on the verge of making a great escape. Finally, in the last frame, pure ecstasy, her pretty titty has made a great escape! It’s amazing, her shirt is sooo see-through that you can actually count the little bumps on her areola!

Almost Upskirt on the Steps of Sacre Coeur

February 22, 2012 in Andy Story, Upskirt

This guys, will be a multipart upskirt story which goes from would, shoulda, coulda frustration to one of the most amazing bending over upskirts I’ve ever captured. I was in Europe shooting upskirts for a month. I had found a place near the steps of Sacre Coeur to be close to the action but even summer days in Paris are not all filled with sunshine and spread legs waiting for your intrepid upskirt photographer. This story happened on one of those unsunny days which makes it even more amazing. It’s just amazing what the site of a pair of bunched panties can do to lift spirits on a dreary day.

So there I was. Another wonderful day in Europe. It was as dark as Midnight at the Well of Souls, despite the fact that it was only 3:20 in the afternoon. I had been wandering around the side streets near one of my favorite tourist attractions, since upskirts were scarce, and I was feeling kind of hungry. I was trying to decide if I would pay the extortionist prices for food in the tourist district, or ignore the growling in my tummy, and get something later in a much cheaper part of town. I eventually decided that nothing appealed to me, regardless of price, so I wandered back to the top of some steep stairs.

I had only been there a few moments when I noticed a girl in an outrageously bright dress coming up the steps. On a day as grey and dark as this one, she was like a single ruby in a bucket of mud, glowing brightly. Standing above her, there was nothing much to see, other than that she was quite pretty, and had beautiful, long hair. As she crested the top step, and passed by me, I turned discreetly and mentally cursed myself for being at the top of the stairs, and not the bottom.

Because even just walking along normally, her brilliant dress was showing off an astounding amount of leg. I groaned inwardly with the agony of knowing I had probably just lost the only decent upskirt shot of the whole day. Here she is with her beautiful hair and her brilliant dress:

Notice the smirks on the faces of some of the girls in the background of the first picutre. They apparently thought her sexy little outfit was inappropriate for visiting tourist attractions. Personally, I think otherwise. And all I can say is, girls, if y’all had worn your skirts too, it would have been a much more productive and interesting day.

So, no upskirts yet but the hint of an opportunity. You’ll see how things progress in my next post.

Bending Upskirt on a Paris Street

February 22, 2012 in Andy Story, Upskirt

I told you in the previous post about the girl in the bright dress on a dark day in Paris and how I missed on upskirt opportunity on the steps of Sacre Coeur. We pick up the story now with her walking down a street at the top of the hill.

So by now, you are wondering what this sunny dress looks like from the back, right? After firing off the two shots in the first post, I decided to follow her down the street a little ways so I could at least get a nice shot of her flirty little dress and sexy thighs. Notice how the street is cobblestones. Now look at how high and spiked her heels are. I can tell you that it is difficult enough to walk the length of this street in walking shoes or sandals, so I’m astounded at how well she does in those precarious heels! In the four shots below, you can see from the strange angles of her legs in relation to her upper body that she is really swaying badly on these stones. Also, if you look closely, you will notice that her right “calf lacing” (if you can call those things laces) is slipping down.

Well, she rounded a corner, and disappeared from view. Despite not being able to see them, I knew there was a slight rise in the side street they were now on, so I was hanging back slightly. I wanted to be back far enough to take advantage of her being slightly above me once I rounded the corner and fell in behind them. I knew it wasn’t going to be anything like the view I would have got if I had been below her on the steps. But since I’d already missed that, I wanted any advantage I could get. So I round the corner, and…


I had no warning of this whatsoever. Suddenly, she just stopped right there in the middle of the sidewalk on this narrow side street, and bent over to fix her shoes. I couldn’t believe it. The last time I’d seen a bending over upskirt like this, the girl was drunk on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and she’d lost her panties somewhere.

Anyway, back to the here and now. These shoes with the long laces that go way up the leg are (in my opinion) the sexiest shoes on earth. But they are also some of the most difficult shoes to put on, and keep on that a girl could possibly own. I know from close second hand experience just what an ordeal these shoes are. So guys, if you love these kind of shoes, and your GF or wife wears them for you, don’t forget to thank her, and do something nice for her.

The problem with these shoes is that they absolutely cannot be adjusted by crouching down. Crouching down puts the back of the calf against the back of the thigh, and there goes any possibility of tightening, or adjusting the laces. So a girl has two or three choices when wearing these shoes. The most prim and proper choice is to sit down somewhere. The next most modest choice is to get someone else to adjust them for her. But the choice we all love, and the choice that the darling star of this series decided on, was to bend at the waist, and make the adjustments herself, thereby giving everyone in view a look right up her skirt.

Now, bending at the waist to adjust shoes is not unto itself an immodest act. But in combination with one of these wonderful triangle cut dresses, well, now you are talking extremely immodest, which is of course exactly what we like to see. Yes guys, Paris once again demonstrates why it’s the best city in the world for upskirts.

Bending Upskirt Picture You Won’t Believe

February 22, 2012 in Andy Story, Upskirt

In the first two parts of this story I talked about following a girl in a short skirt down a cobblestone street on a dreary Paris afternoon. I also described how her complicated, strappy shoes conspired to give our girl a “Shoe Blowout”. Which then led to the incredible bending upskirt pictures I’ll show you here.

Just to give you some idea how dark it was on this little side street this particular day, here is an unadjusted shot, exactly as my eyes and camera saw the whole scene. What a mess. So dark as to be almost unusable. Why oh why does stuff like this have to happen on a day that is soooo dark?

Some of you are probably sitting there in you padded leather chairs, relaxing behind your computers, and yelling “use the FLASH, stupid”. Am I right? Of course I am. And what, do you think I’m an idiot? Amos and I pioneered flash upskirtography in the digital age.

So, yeah, I had already thought of that myself. But here’s the problem. I’m at the edge of a narrow street, and there is absolutely nothing of touristic interest behind our subject unless you count that red motorcycle and I don’t. She’s with two guys, one of which is almost certainly her boyfriend (that would be Mr. GreenShirt), and the other of which is a whole lot bigger than I am. And I am totally against altercations with subjects and their entourages. And as (bad) luck would have it, both guys are looking in my direction. Also, there are a significant number of people walking up and down the street, and this shoe adjustment has already drawn some attention from other passers by.

Indeed, just grabbing these shots without the flash, I had already heard the usual chatter “Ohhh, look at that guy”, and “Look, he’s taking a picture of her ass.” The usual stuff. Invariably offended females exclaiming with indignity about my taking advantage of a situation like this. This type of attention is the main reason I prefer my normal method of playing stupid tourist at huge tourist attractions. You just never know what some offended woman or her significant other might do. We call then “tattletales”, and I’ve got a few stories about them too, but I digress.

So I quickly machine-gunned off 9-10 shots with various focal lengths without the flash, and then put the camera behind me. I contemplated the scene, knowing full well that without using the flash, the bending upskirt shots would be OK, thanks to Photoshop and modern noise reduction technology. But there is no substitute for light (that’s why they call it photography) and, to be truly spectacular, I needed to get a flash shot in.

She was still bending over working on her shoes and showing the world her ass and underwear. Finally, I did a Risky Business” flashback: “Joel, you wanna know something? Every now and then say, “What the fuck.” “What the fuck” gives you freedom. Freedom brings opportunity. Opportunity makes your future. I became Joel, just said “what the fuck”, and turned so that my body covered the act of sliding the flash on to the camera. I preset a very moderate focal length, one that I knew there was little chance of the shot blurring due to camera shake. I knew that this was going to be a “one ping, one ping only” type of shot. One chance, one shot, one second. The world’s most difficult type of photography. In my mind, it is better to have fewer pixels that are in perfect, crisp focus, than to have more blurry pixels – something 99% of all people just do not understand. So 200mm, Image Stabilized was my tactical decision.

I turned, and put the camera to my eye. I felt like I was aiming a bazooka down a crowded city street, and hoping no one would notice. The camera was the size of a car. The lens was as long as a telephone pole. There was a flashing neon sign over my head with an arrow, exclaiming “Upskirt Panty Perv Alert” There was no way that I was going to get this shot unscathed. One or both of those guys had to come charging down the street and pound the crap out of me. I took a deep breath. Exhaled slowly. Half pressed the shutter. Autofocus locked on target easily, thanks to all those stripes (if only all girls were so helpful when selecting clothing). And pulled the trigger.

Ka-Boom, the shutter sounded like a gunshot on that quiet street, and the flash was like the landing lights of a 747 on final approach. I immediately dropped the camera to my side, removing and pocketing the flash in a single fluid motion. And hightailed it down the street until I was behind the enormous husband of a French woman who had been watching the whole scene unfold with great interest. Safe. Amazingly safe after getting one of the riskiest upskirt shots ever.

So here ya go, the one bending upskirt frame that shook the whole world. Or at least gave me the shakes while taking it.

As a humorous foot note to this whole adventure, the French woman actually asked me if she could see the upskirt shot. She wasn’t pissed off, or upset with my behavior, she was just astounded by the event she had just witnessed. It was almost as if she wanted to confirm that my camera had actually recorded what she thought she saw! One more reason why I love French women and why Paris is the happiest upskirt place in he world.


Andy’s Red Thong Standing Upskirt on the Steps

February 21, 2012 in Andy Story, Digital, Upskirt

Editor’s Note: Here’s another Andy upskirt story, this one from a solo trip to Euroland. It’s either Rome or a Mediterranean city in another country where they also have public drinking fountains. Those of you contemplating doing the upskirt thing yourselves and think you can shoot like Andy need to read this story very carefully to understand the knowledge and sheer physical effort required to capture his level of quality upskirt pictures.

ANDY: I first saw this girl bending over a water fountain and even from my vantage point way above, things looked crazy short for an upskirt. I scampered down the stairway, hoping that she would choose to walk up these stairs, and not go off in some other direction. Mr. Murphy must have been in someone else’s camera bag because, moments later, I saw her heading for the steps. I paused on a lower landing overlooking some tourist attractions, slid the flash on the camera, made sure all was ready, and pretended to photograph the scenery, all the while hoping that a cluster of people would not start coming down or going up the stairs at the same time, and thus block the shot. The timing was perfect, she was solo on the steps. I waited with my back to her, not even looking until I figured she would be about 3/4 of the way to the top. I took a deep breath, turned around, focused, and pulled the trigger.

Some people would say that this upskirt shot is posed, it looks so good. But it is real, and it took me a good 15 minutes more to get the frontal. I zipped back up the steps, and fast walked to get ahead of her. But every time I got ahead, and was in the perfect position to shoot, she either turned a corner, or got stuck in the middle of a crowd. So then I would have to sprint off in a new direction, or fast walk to stay ahead of the crowd until it thinned. Finally, about a half mile later, I was able to get a few distant, low quality shots of her from the front. But at least the red thong and butt shot upskirt on the steps is perfect!

Andy’s European Whaletail Tales

February 20, 2012 in Andy Story, Digital, Panty Story, Whaletail

Editor’s Note: Whaletails are to an upskirt shooter as alcohol is to a drug addict. They don’t go searching for them but they’ll take them as a poor substitute for their preferred fix. After all, upskirt guys are all about panty crotches or “gussets” as our Brit friends would say, and panty waistbands are about as far from panty crotches as you can get. But, as Andy explains below during one of his prolonged trips to Paris, when you can’t find upskirts and need your panty fix for the day, whaletails will do the trick.

Andy: It was a Slooooooow day. I mean slow. Slow by any standard. Downright dead in fact. Problem was that the heat wave had broken the day before, and it had poured with rain. So this day was quite cool compared to every other day of my shooting expedition, and started off quite overcast. No one was in the fountains, or on the steps and all the major tourist attractions were deserted. I guess everyone had decided museums and galleries were a more suitable place and there were simply no upskirts to be found. There were still some people out but there were no skirts to be found as all the girls were wearing pants.

My only chance to save the day were to find some downbacks or whaletails of the few available girls in pants. BTW, one of my lifetime goals is to shoot both a whaletail and a sitting upskirt of the same girl in a low-waisted skirt. It’s possible, I’ve seen them, but just haven’t had a chance to shoot one. So, here’s a parade of the whaletails that sorta saved my day.


Two Rubes Black Panty Almost Upskirt

February 19, 2012 in Andy Story, Digital, Panty Story, Upskirt

Editor’s Note: Jay and Andy called themselves “The Two Rubes” when they went out upskirt shooting together. The name is partially a ruse to hide their skill level and partially an accurate description of their “act” when out working in large and foreign cities. No one pays any attention to a couple of dumb tourists with a camera. This is the first installment of a long Two Rubes upskirt story. The boys are in that big park that’s centrally located in a large US city looking for upskirt action. In this segment they find a likely subject who hints of upskirt glories to come.

ANDY: We saw this carrot top from afar while watching a large breasted girl play Frisbee. Frisbee girl was chubby, but quite athletic, and it was simply amazing to watch her large orbs pound up and down as she ran despite the rather substantial bra.

Meanwhile, I spied with my little eye some legs shooting straight up into the air. I groaned, and told Jay that as usual, we were in the wrong place. We headed over to where I had seen the legs, and lined up in what looked like the right position. Suddenly, she stood up only to bend over and start rooting around in a bag. I figured that I might as well get a few shots in, even though I was pretty sure that her mid thigh skirt was going to keep the goodies covered. Sure enough, it did, but as you can see in the first two frames, nice legs! She sat down, and as Mr. Murphy would have it, we were in the wrong position, as you can see in frame 3. So we sauntered around to the correct position for frame 4, and you can see just a peek of upskirt black panty. At this point, the only reason we stayed on is because she seemed to be such a “flailer”, and even with black panties, large spreads can be quite nice. As we waited, a large cloud came along and covered the sun. Of course, this was the exact moment she chose to make some position changes. When I saw the tuck in the last frame, I figured that we were out of the game. Also, about the same time as the tuck, some European tourists with a baby came along, and sat down not more than 6 feet behind her, and a little to the right, which is why you don’t see them in the picture. This kept Crusty in a solid tuck for quite some time. Even if she didn’t move, we at least had some upskirt black panty but we decided to wait for events, and her legs, to unfold.


Two Rubes Spread Wide Black Panty Upskirt

February 18, 2012 in Andy Story, Digital, Panty Story, Upskirt

Editor’s Note: The Two Rubes continue their upskirt adventures with the woman they later called “Crusty”. I think you can figure out why she has that name even without looking at the upskirt pictures. It has nothing to do with having an Ed Asner-like personality.

ANDY: Since we had nothing else to do, and we realized that this was likely to be the last opportunity of the day, we held position. Eventually the Euro tourists pushed on (they were not interested in Crusty, it was just Mr. Murphy at work again), and Crusty started to loosen up a bit again. As luck would have it, the next big moves came while yet another cloud was covering the sun. Frames 1 & 2 below were the first shots where I started to get some indication that there was more to Crusty than just black panties. Even though one of our first upskirts in the previous post shows the nice white stripe, for some reason it was not very visible on the tiny camera LCD review screen. But after reviewing frames 1 and 2 below, I was pretty sure we had found ourselves an excited girl. In frame 4, she rolls onto her stomach, and we were amazed that with her legs spread as wide as wide can be, she was still covered (Mr. Murphy). She stayed on her stomach for a log time. So long, that two things happened: First, we nearly left the scene, and second, a shadow crept up and covered her legs. So when she finally started to flail around again in as seen in frame 5, her legs and panties were no longer in the sunlight. Arrrrgh!


Two Rubes Get the Stained Panty Upskirt

February 17, 2012 in Andy Story, Digital, Panty Story, Upskirt

Editor’s Note: In this installment, the Two Rubes’ perseverance pays off and they get the perfect spread open upskirt shots of the woman with the crusty black panties.

ANDY: She flipped on her back and opened her legs so fast that all I could do was shoot, and hope for the best. But what a great sequence. Totally awesome leg action here. We’ll even forgive her for wearing a pair of dreaded black panties. After all the flailing around, she finally settled on lying on her side. Fortunately she was no longer thinking about her skirt!

The fact that she came to rest in this position allowed me to get the flash fired up, so the last two upskirt shots are perfectly lit, and we can see for absolutely certain that she has had a very exciting day. Think about it – she has managed to create a large, visible snail track on the OUTSIDE of black cotton panties. Now imagine the crispy crusty mess that must be inside them! Now that’s incredible. Thank you too much, Crusty dawlin’. After these two shots, we decided that discretion was the better part of valor (especially considering that Mr. Murphy was sitting right behind me), and got the heck out of Dodge.



Ten Years of Andy’s Upskirts

February 16, 2012 in Analog, Andy Story, Digital, Panty Story, Upskirt

Editor’s Note: Andy is the world’s greatest upskirt photographer. His postings from jaypicz and sneakypedia appear in nearly every repository of stolen upskirt pictures in the world. And for a simple and excellent reason: he’s the best. In this story, Andy tells us how he got started doing upskirts with a “real” camera.

ANDY: I realized while I was putting this update together that I had totally forgotten what a special month May of 2003 was (likely due to the miserable weather). Anyway, the story goes like this – In early May of 1993, I was due to attend the graduation of a friend. I discovered that amongst our group, not a single person had a reasonable quality camera. I decided that I would be a strong leader, and take care of the photography. Never having handled a SLR camera before, I went to my local camera store to compare the offerings from the major vendors. The choice quickly came down to Nikon or Canon. When I entered the store I had only intended to get a body, and a wide angle lens, but during my perusal of the available wares, I discovered that Canon had recently introduced a 75-300mm compact, low cost zoom. My mind immediately sprang to the endless possibilities. So when push came to shove, I chose the Canon body because they had a lens that (I suspected might) fit my needs. Little did I know at the time that this is the way true professionals select their cameras! And little did I know that I was making a purchase that would literally change the face of upskirts and voyeurism some years later!

I still love Latinas as much today as I did ten years ago. So let’s compare some Latinas then and now. The three pictures directly below show you current state of the art (and some lovely, large Latin breasts, although I fear at least one set may be fake).

The first frame directly above may have been my first SLR upskirt ever, from way back in May of 1993 – look at the crazy film grain in that shot!  The second and third frames above have been processed with modern film grain / noise reduction – what a difference applying modern technology to the age old problem of film grain makes.


Whaletails in Orange

February 15, 2012 in Andy Story, Digital, Panty Story, Whaletail

Editor’s Note: These are some of Andy’s whaletail pictures from one of his extended European vacations. I think these were from the summer of astoundingly shitty weather when it was not unusual at all to see women in long pants. Andy could tell you. He has a photographic memory for panties and can tell you the when and wheres and the prevailing atmospheric conditions for every upskirt and whaletail picture he’s ever taken. Probably tell you the phase of the moon for the evening too.

Andy could tell you the whens and wheres of these but I just know from the files that these two whaletail girls were found on the same Parisian day. Just one of those weird coincidences that both women have orange hair and orange tops. It’s be real freaky if they were wearing the same panties. Personally, I like the looks of the younger and thinner whaletail girl better but the older one has a nicer white lace thong sticking out. 

Andy: (in his best Inspector Clouseau accent) Hi sink zee heditor his hout to zee lunch! Hi do not re-membur hanyting. Nutting, Hi tell hyou.

These girls all hail from the Paris Love Parade. I’d made special plans to start my Euro shooting trip a couple days before this huge event because it can be a huge upskirt party under the right weather conditions… but unfortunately the weather was not co-operative. Some, including myself, would tell you it downright stank. Because it did. It was cool and damp, and the girls were not wearing skirts, let alone mini skirts like we want them to.

OK, how about a little Sesame Street here, kids? One of these things (pictures) is not like the others. What is your best guess?

Upskirt and Downblouse Adventures with Jay

February 1, 2012 in Analog, Downblouse, Jay Story, Kirsten Storyboard Story, Upskirt

Editor’s Note: Jay’s upskirt, downblouse, see through and car wash hunting adventures on the Kirsten Storyboard back in the late 90′s were some of the first blog entries ever. The term “blog” may not have been coined back then and there was certainly no WordPress or much concern about SEO, but Jay was doing what we now know as blogging. He had his adventures and then wrote about them and showed us his pictures.

This is one of Jay’s first adventures on the Kirsten Storyboard. He goes to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor tourist attraction to see what he can see and ends up getting a great downblouse. Now, since we’re talking about the analog era and even a pocket cam, the pictures are not what we’ve lately come to expect in quality and it’s difficult to see some things. And he was there and I wasn’t. But his primary subject here appears unladylike in some of the pictures and certainly is not very well endowed in the breast department. And that choker, is there and Adam’s Apple under there or is it just a fashion statement? Enjoy the story and downblouse pictures and decide for yourself.

JAY: It’s funny how a little thing can change a whole day. I was about to leave home and planning to stop at a zoo during a day of travel. I think the petting zoo could have a bundle of downblouse possibilities. But on my way out, I decided to have a bowl of ice cream so I wouldn’t have to go for lunch so soon. The computer was off, not worth bootup time, so I turned on the tube for a minute. There was a report on all the goings on at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. I’ve always heard it was a scene there, so I decided the zoo could wait.

About an hour away, I’m on a country highway, not an interstate, so when I see this young lady bending, as I zoom by at 65, I have to go a quarter mile and come back. The best shot would’ve been right there on the shoulder of the other side of the street, now that I’ve got a little zoom power (200mm). The sun angle was great, and she was fully bending from the waist, facing the highway. They were cleaning up from a little garage sale on a lawn of a convenience store. There was enough action at the store that I was unnoticed in the parking lot. I held up a large, opened road atlas, and no one could see me aim the camera and shoot this.

Jay's Bend-Over Babe from the Back


She never quite gave the amazing sight she aimed right at the road, but I was still glad I stopped. Here’s another combo pic of her.

Jay's Bend-Over Babe Side View


Jay’s Downblouse Adventures Continue

February 1, 2012 in Analog, Downblouse, Jay Story, Kirsten Storyboard Story

Editor’s Note: After making a quick stop for a garage sale downblouse, Jay winds his country road way into Baltimore looking for more and better downblouse sights as well as whatever random upskirts he can find too.

JAY: I get there smoothly, don’t remember if I lurched off the road again, but I don’t think so. It turned out, there was an Orioles game and I was getting there just for the start. This is good. It’s a day game, it’s breezy, and all the girls are wearing skirts. I was even tempted to go to the game, but it’s a full house, so you can’t really go where you want. Some of the skirts really tempted me, like the girl in this picture

Jay's Windblown Upskirt Attempt

I took a couple others of her, but the wind never bit like I’d hoped. The she walked over me while I sat on the ground (strategically, it wasn’t all luck), I shot, but the new camera doesn’t shoot when the auto-focus doesn’t lock so, a swing and a miss. I held the camera at an odd angle, I guess, because I swear I heard a guy in her group say, “did you see what that guy did?” but it might’ve been my paranoia. I knew I didn’t do anything that overt, so I wasn’t at all concerned.

I hung around the ballpark for awhile, remembering the nipple I gazed at throughout a whole ballgame, five years ago. It’s a nice place for watching and shooting. (Editor’s Note: Jay remembers a single nipple he saw five years ago? Wow.) But then I moved on to hunt more down blouses.

Of course, this beauty selling Coke out of a cooler caught my eye.

Jay's Coke Saleslady with Nice Legs & Ass

My friends and fans of my work know I am magnetically attracted to a nice butt. When she bent into the cooler to get the Coke for me, it was almost too much.

Downblouse of Jay's Coke Saleslady

I didn’t even want the Coke and, as I was walking up the street, some asshole slammed into my hand as he ran past. There was about a 15 foot wide corridor – a great running back, he wasn’t. The Coke went flying, and I made him give me a buck, because he was such a jerk. But what I was really thinking was it could as easily have been the camera.

Well, people, I’m outta gas. I’ve been at this all night and I haven’t even gotten to the incredible downblouse I saw at the Inner Harbor yet. But I gotta sleep to make it to work to be able to buy more film so good night for now.

Jay’s Punk Girl Upskirts

February 1, 2012 in Analog, Jay Story, Kirsten Storyboard Story, Upskirt

Editor’s Note: In this installment, Jay gets a couple of upskirts while searching for the downblouse woman of his dreams.

JAY: I finally made it to the Inner Harbor, only a couple blocks from the ballpark, and immediately saw lots of sights like this vendor setting up.

Another Real World of Jay Ass Shot

This next one is my biggest blunder of the day. I saw a nice little slice of panty as she sat on the steps. So I shot it as I had to do with my previous camera, the compact zoom – I walked towards her. I forgot that with my new 200mm, I can sit a decent distance away and shoot. So after I shot this pic, I went to do just that – and as I’m going away from her, she spreads real wide and stands up, never to sit again. At least I saw it, but I hate blowing rare ops like that. A neg scan might get something out of this one. They looked nice in person.

Jay's Mommy Upskirt Blunder


Suddenly, there appeared these two punky girls in short skirts. One’s skirt kept riding up as she walked – it would get within an inch of the waterline, and she’d self-consciously tug it back down. Here’s a situation where I should still use the old cam. This pic is full image, the zoom was all the way in, and still, it chopped her head and feet off.

Jay's Suddenly Punky Punk Girl Upskirt

The punkers were walking briskly through a crowd, and I did what I rarely do, bend down, tie a shoe, or something, and shoot from the ground. Only, this camera won’t shoot without the focus being happy, so I’m pressing and pressing, but nothing! No click damn, it! They stopped in a crowd, and I went behind them again, but still the damned focus wouldn’t set. So, I got this one from right behind them, cam at my belly – very easy to shoot.

Jay Shoots his Punky Upskirt Girl From The Hip

Finally, they went through the crowd and sat down on some steps. Of course I was frantic to get there. I shot a few, but only for one shot did no one step in front of me. And like so many uppies, cheap scanners like mine don’t bring out the goods. Wouldn’t it have been a glorious shot from this angle if the sun had cooperated? I have to learn from Spud how to light’em up. Unfortunately, they only sat a few seconds, catching me off guard when she flashed a light blue thong getting up, and before I could become a “fixture”, if you know what I mean. You kind of casually sashay into position, and take your time before looking at them. They get used to you, and sometimes they never look at you again. But damn, I missed another good one. Sometimes, I think I stink at this.

Jay's Suddenly Punky Punk Girl Blue Thong Upskirt

Jay Finds his Downblouse Woman

February 1, 2012 in Analog, Downblouse, Jay Story, Kirsten Storyboard Story

Editor’s Note:  The fourth and last installation of this downblouse series and where Jay gets the money shot of the woman of his dreams.  Or at least his fantasies.

JAY: What a sweet, beautiful person this woman is. I seriously think I’d have married her that day but you bastards don’t care. You’ll be glad, or else I’d never have gotten the pics I did, especially one in particular, and if I had gotten somewhere with her, I probably wouldn’t be showing you the downblouse pictures, anyway.

I first saw this goddess exiting a building. You could even see her nipples through her shirt, always a good thing!

Jay's Downblouse Goddess with Nipple Pokies

She was walking very slowly toward a pier with pillars you could sit on. I had a feeling she was going to sit down, so I was able to get to the one next to the most likely one where’s she’d be. I got there before her, so it was like she came into my space, a good scenario.

She was so nice, that my thoughts drifted from looking down her shirt, to actually meeting her. But before I had a chance to strike up a conversation, some other guys moved in. The one guy was standing above her, and look what the wind was doing to her shirt. What a view he had.

Random Guy Hitting on Poky Nipple Goddess

She stood up, and I thought they were getting somewhere but they moved on, and it was quiet for a few moments. I glanced at her, thought of some things I’d like to do with her, and shot this one.

Nipple Pokies Goddess Enjoying the Sun

Finally we started talking, and I had her laughing pretty good. She even considered taking my number, but then said something about a boyfriend, blah-blah-blah. We talked for about half an hour about all sorts of things. I wanted her, big time. Then, I snapped this one just as I said something she found amusing. With any luck, the shirt would’ve puffed out, but noooo. She knew I glanced and didn’t seem to care.

Nipple Goddess's Shirt Does NOT Fail Her Now

But, sigh, she saw some people she knew in a dinghy in the water, and they called her to come down. She warmly said goodbye, shook my hand in a very feminine way, and strolled away. She turned and laughed when she heard me click the camera as she walked away.

Pokie Nipple Goddess has a NICE ASS

In the last pic, you can see where she was about to step down (to her left). Even a beginner would’ve seen this coming. She was going to bend forward in my direction getting into the little dinghy. I pushed the zoom out and got ready. First she stepped down a few feet and then, The Bend and a perfect downblouse.

Massive DOWNBLOUSE of Pokie Nipple Goddess Entering Dinghy

It was a thing of beauty. I saw it through the viewfinder, and knew I had a good shot. I wish I could’ve taken her home but I know with these pics I’ll never forget her. In fact, I’ve realized that’s one of the things I like about this hobby – it reinforces all the nice sights I have in the course of doing things.

Dirty Panties But Not an Upskirt Andyrazzi Story

January 30, 2012 in Andy Story, Panty Story

Andy’s European story here is neither fish nor fowl when it comes to the voyeur theme of this site. But, it still tastes like chicken so I’m running it here. After all, what is an upskirt picture really about? Seeing a woman’s dirty panties with her in them, right. We get to think about how they look, feel, smell and taste. Well, this story is also about dirty panties but just not on a woman. You still get to think about how they look, feel, smell and taste.

Well Guys and Girls, I wish I could say the Parisian weather was awesome, and I’ve been taking hundreds of upskirt shots every day. But as those of you who live in the UK, or indeed any part of northern Europe know, so far this has been a worthless excuse for a summer. As of today I’ve been in Europe 15 days, and of those 15 days, I’ve actually been able to go out shooting on (yikes) five lousy, stinkin’ miserable days. Five! Meanwhile, back at the hotel, I’ve been going nuts. I hate being stuck in a room the size of a closet with almost nothing to do.

So, on Sunday, I decided to take a train out into the countryside to see some castle like building or another despite the threat of rain. I wandered around, saw old bricks and well, you know, castle stuff. I couldn’t find any witches or warlocks though, because if I could have, I was going to tell them who I was, and ask them to cast a spell, the same spell that resulted in that heat wave last summer.

In the early evening, thoroughly disenchanted, I headed back to the train station. I paid my fare and entered the platform. I was about 20 seconds too late, and just missed the train that was leaving the station. So I wandered aimlessly around the platform. As I passed one particular garbage can, I noticed a heap of clothes just to one side. My attention was immediately drawn to that fact that they looked like a heap of decent quality women’s clothes. I’ve seen many heaps of clothes in public over the years, and prior to this, every one appeared to be something that a beggar or homeless man had left behind. But not so in this case. As I passed by, some pink and yellow lace caught me eye, the benefit of learning to spot exposed panties at 100 yards. I quickly bent to retie my shoe, grabbed the colored lace, whatever it was, and jammed it into my camera bag. I contemplated taking the whole bundle, but I had nothing large enough to put it in. And I wasn’t totally convinced that the pile didn’t belong to someone on the platform, or perhaps in a nearby bathroom. It sure would be embarrassing to be caught by the owner while running off with her clothes now, wouldn’t it?

I continued to wander the platform, thinking about the pile of clothes, but just then a large tour group entered, forcing me away from it. Soon, another train came along, so I jumped on a car near the front with very few people in it. By placing my camera bag just so I was able to take a peek, and discovered that I had picked up a used thong. This of course got me to wondering about the rest of the pile. Surely, no one would just throw away a bunch of what appeared to be perfectly good clothing. But if not, then why was a whole bundle of clothing lying just beside the garbage can? And what else was in the bundle? I mean, I only grabbed some colorful lace. What else was in there?

Andy’s Powerful Dirty Panty Curiosity

January 30, 2012 in Andy Story, Panty Story

In this post, Andy continues his story about the seemingly abandoned pile of clothes in a Parisian train station and his overwhelming desire to find out if it contained any more dirty panties.

I was so curious about the bundle of women’s clothes at the train station I just left that, at the next station, I got off my city bound train, crossed over, and several minutes later got on a train headed back to where I had just seen the bundle of clothes. I just had to know if there were other used panties. Did I tell you before? The thong I grabbed was used and fragrant. When I arrived back at the station with the clothes there were already a large number of people on the Paris-bound platform. So I took a seat and waited until another train passed and cleared the platform again. In the meanwhile, I had noticed that the station master would walk the platform every now and then, and, if there was some significant piece of garbage on the platform, instead of picking it up and placing it in a trash can, he would kick it over beside the nearest one. So I was able to deduce that this bundle of clothes had probably fallen out of an improperly closed pouch on some girl’s backpack as she rushed for the train and the station master had then kicked the bundle over beside the trash can on one of his infrequent passes along the platform. Obviously not a man with my same level of panty curiosity. Or perhaps he had seen enough dirty panties lying on his platform over the years to have fulfilled all of his curiosity and fantasies both.

So now I had to figure out how to capture the whole bundle of clothes while being reasonably discreet about it. Since the bundle was still there it was pretty obvious that whoever lost the clothes was long gone and that they would just go in the garbage when the station closed for the evening and the cleaning crew arrived. I decided that the best way to take the whole bundle would be to wrap everything in my jacket.

Despite the cool wind, and only having a t-shirt on under my jacket (silly me, I only brought t-shirts with me on this trip, I was expecting summer in July), I took off my jacket, and casually draped it over my arm. I then had another shoe problem beside the bundle of clothes. As I was trying to tie that pesky shoelace (that was already perfectly tied), my jacket accidentally slipped off my arm, and fell on the pile of clothes. As I finished adjusting my shoe, I grabbed my jacket, but with the pile of clothes underneath. As I stood up, I quickly rolled the whole mess into a cylinder, which I then slipped under my arm.

No Upskirts But Andy Gets His Dirty Panty Pictures

January 30, 2012 in Andy Story, Panty Story

When we left Andy at the last post, he had just connived to take an abandoned pile of women’s clothes from a Parisian train station. He knew it contained at lest one pair of dirty panties and he was hoping for more.

When the next train passed by, I again got on a nearly empty car, and sat away from the other passengers. I took a quick peek through the bundle. I noticed that, inside a sexy sweater, there was a towel all wadded up with something inside it. This was when I knew I had just captured an entire lingerie collection. It is a rare woman who just throws her dirty panties on the top of the laundry basket, or leaves then lying on top of a pile of dirty clothes, be it in a suitcase, closet, or wherever. For some reason, girls always seem to wad them up, and hide them inside of something else. If you don’t believe me, just watch what your GF or wife does the next time you go someplace with her. Sure enough, as I unrolled this “log”, I saw that I was the new owner of a large collection of dirty panties. Since the train had just pulled up to another station and a large crowd of people were getting on, I quickly rolled everything back up in my jacket and settled down to a game of solitaire on my cell phone.

Back at my hotel, I took an inventory of the haul and also shot these pictures for you guys. It was a grand total of seven pairs of dirty panties ranging from basic white cotton to fancy lace bikinis to lace thongs. Based on the other clothes, the girl in question is petite (the panties are all size “S” or 5, and the shirts & sweaters are small sizes too) with medium length medium blonde hair (she left a few behind on her clothes), and likes to use plenty of perfume (you can smell her clothes from at least 10ft away). She is European since all her clothes are European, but she likes to travel, since two pair of her panties are Victoria’s Secret. I could be wrong, but I think Victoria’s Secret is only in the USA. Sherlock Andy also deduced that she went shopping the next day since, after losing her laundry, she probably only had one pair of panties left, the ones she was wearing.

Alternately, perhaps she will do doing a notorious Roy Stuart style “five day panty experiment.” Anyone out there familiar with that one? I didn’t think so, no Leg Show readers. For those of you not in the know, Roy Stuart is the world’s best “candid posed” upskirt photographer. That is to say that all of his photos are shot with the model’s permission but he is so good that some of his work actually looks like my real candid upskirts. Yes Roy, that is a compliment, after all, I am the best real candid upskirt photographer in the world. If you are not familiar with Stuart’s work, I suggest you get one of his books. You won’t be disappointed.

Okay, so after that shaggy dog story, the sights you’ve been waiting for, the train station dirty panties but not upskirt shots. But be warned, if you don’t like dirty panties, please do not look at the pictures. I can assure you, you will be offended if you look at these dirty panty pictures, and I do not want to hear from any whiners. If you only like clean panties, go to Wal-Mart, Kmart, Victoria’s Secret, or whatever, and buy your own clean panties and look at them. Because this is a blood alert as she stopped wearing her pads a day too soon.

The end of the story is not nearly as exciting as the beginning. There is not place in any hotel room in the world to hide anything from a curious housekeeper. And I travel on an exotic set of travel documents and am thus frequently stopped in airports for discussions and examinations. So after taking a big risk getting these dirty panties, I took the pictures and a several good whiffs and then got rid of them the same day. Be assured, however, that I left them in a place where they would hopefully be found by another dirty panty lover.